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Windows – Calgary, Edmonton, and Winnipeg


See the Difference

No matter where you live, you should always insist on the best windows. Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, and other communities rely on Polar Ray-O-Max Windows to help find the perfect windows for their homes.

Whether they overlook a backyard garden, a pristine lake or a quaint cul de sac, your windows should be collecting the sun’s warmth in winter and cooling your home in summer.

Additional space, more light and larger viewing area are a few of the many benefits that Polar Ray-O-Max window systems offer. Our windows are custom designed and manufactured for your home then installed exclusively by our certified technicians.

No matter if you live in Calgary, Edmonton, or Winnipeg, we can create your dream home with custom windows to compliment any architectural design or style. Expand the character of your home with decorative glass and grills. We also offer an endless array of colours for your frame, allowing you to explore and coordinate all aspects of your home’s exterior.

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Feel the Difference

We understand windows are only as energy efficient as their parts. Every element of our windows is state-of-the-art, from high-performance glass, insulated frames and Santoprene™ weather seal, right down to the screws.

These are the results you want from great windows:

  • A 300 to 500 percent energy level increase over your old windows
  • CSA Energy Ratings as high as +18
  • Reduced condensation, even with higher inside humidity levels
  • Windows that contribute more to reducing home heating costs than an R-40 insulated wall


Hear the Difference

Our windows can reduce outside noise by over 50 percent. Several factors determine exactly how much noise is reduced, including glass thickness, the location of your home, the thickness of your walls, what type of insulation is in your walls, roofing material, and a host of other variables. Talk to one of our Energy Efficiency Experts for a full consultation.

Don’t delay in bettering your home with a new set of windows. Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, and other areas can benefit all year long from more energy efficient homes. Call us today for more information about how we can improve your residence.